Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Uniquely Different

unique bouquets
Personalization is what weddings are all about now. Couples are looking for ways to leave their own personal imprint on their wedding, to make it truly their own.

There have been some really unique weddings in the world. Some people like to do crazy things when they get married; some have even gotten married while jumping out of an airplane. In fact, you might say that there have been so many crazy ways to get married already that the only way to be unique these days is to go back to the more traditional wedding ceremony.

Symbols of the unions may not look like the usual wedding ring.  Unique is whatever you create - limited only by your imagination.

Please visit the other pages on the blog for uniquely different aspects to your wedding. Some of the images have links for you to visit. 

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What's unique about your up coming nuptials/engagement/wedding?  Is it your engagement ring - non-traditional? the ceremony? the wedding clothes? venue?

Unique Cake Toppers

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