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Make Nice To Your Future Mother-in-Law - Mother's Day

Mother's Day Flowers in China
The modern holiday of Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in America.   Jarvis' holiday was adopted by other countries and it is now celebrated all over the world. In this tradition, each person offers a gift, card, or remembrance toward their mothers, grandmothers, and/ or mother-in-law on mother's day.

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In 1912, Anna Jarvis trademarked the phrases "second Sunday in May" and "Mother's Day", and created the Mother's Day International Association.  In the United States, Mother's Day remains one of the biggest days for sales of flowers, greeting cards and other gifts. offers some unique and exotic gift ideas.  "A selection of three green plants such as schefflera and dracaena are arranged in a 12” glass bubble bowl with river rocks and moss."

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Other selections include "Pink mink protea are arranged in an oval vase with spray roses and a mix of natural elements such as hypericum, hanging amaranthus, millet, river cane and lily grass."  Or perhaps, "Yellow cymbidium orchids and equisetum – accented with amaranthus and equisetum – delivered in a rectangular clear glass vase lined with flax," is more to your liking.

Carnations have come to represent Mother's Day since Anna Jarvis delivered 500 of them at the first celebration in 1908. In past times, because of the shortage of white carnations, and in the efforts to expand the sales of more types of flowers in Mother's Day, florists invented the idea of wearing a red carnation if your mother was living, or a white one if she was dead.  This custom is not as popular today.
Red, white and hot pink carnations – accented with a decorative satin ribbon and three heart-shaped lollipops – are delivered in a ruby-red sweetheart vase. -, Fabulous Flowers Delivered the Same-Day at Affordable Prices! Click here!
"Be kind to your mother-in-law the same way you would like your husband/wife to be kind to your own mother." - Unknown
Hats Off to Mom Bouquet 
By Unknown
You are the mother I received
the day I wed your son.
And I just want to thank you, Mom,
for the things that you have done.

You have given me a gracious man
with whom I share my life.

You are his lovely mother and
I his lucky wife.

You used to pat his little head
and now I hold his hand.

You raised in love a little boy,
then gave me a man. 

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If the Mother-in-Law is not a flower person, here are other ideas :

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  David's Cookies 10" New York Cheesecake tops this impeccable  cake with fresh fruit, chocolate shavings or a drizzle to take it to the next level.
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 The Turtle Cheesecake from Eli's Cheesecake Company of Chicago is a creamy caramel cheesecake topped with a layer of caramel, bittersweet chocolate drizzle and a sprinkle of pecan pieces to create the ultimate passion. This cheesecake is 8" in diameter.

The appetite for cupcakes is here to stay with Barefoot Countess’s delightfully moist cupcakes and deliciously creamy frosting mix. Simply make at home and take to your mother-in-law. The gift combined with a bottle of Cupcake Chardonnay wine.  This gift includes:
Cupcake Chardonnay
  • Ina's top-selling Coconut Cupcake & Cream Cheese Frosting Mix
  • 12 colorful paper liners
  • Classic jelly beans and candles
  • Spatula

  Celebrate Mother's Day with this delightful selection of dried fruits and nuts paired with Parducci's Sustainable White.  This tray is overflowing with dried fruits and nuts. A perfect gift for the other mother.   This gift includes: Parducci Sustainable White Wine, Turkish apricots, Berry Blossom Trail Mix, pistachios & fanciful mixed fruit with ruby red plums. 

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